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How I made $200 From a Single Freelance Job in 30 Minutes

I opened a Fiverr account on January 1st, 2016.

So far I have made $1028 dollars from that single account. This post is basically my step-by step guide on how I got one of my highest orders in a single day.

I am writing this post because I know the system I use works and is still working. I am confident that if you follow every step carefully, you’re guaranteed to get the same results, (if not better).

You can also apply the steps in this article to other freelance sites and not just Fiverr.

This post is going to be a no-BS, no hiding tactic, no top secret nonsense post. I am going to lay everything bare for you to learn exactly how I did it.

Please feel free to ask me any questions if you get stuck on any of the steps. I’m always available to answer your questions.

OK if you’re ready here we go…

Getting Started

For this process to work for you, you definitely have to own a Fiverr account. I won’t get into much detail on that here because there’s plenty of resources online on how to open a Fiverr account. The best part is that it’s totally FREE.

After creating your Fiverr account, you have to set up what is known as gigs.

After creating your Fiverr account and setting up your gig(s), you’re now ready to move to the next step.

The Power of Buyer Requests

I call this the power step. The biggest order I got was from a buyer I met in the buyers request section. Most people who use the buyers request use it wrongly and that is why they hardly see results from it. The key to buyers request is preparing a compelling offer that will drive the buyers from that section into your inbox.

This is exactly what I did…

There’s so much to know about the buyers request section so maybe I will write another post about it.

Anyway, here is the exact template I sent to my buyer:


My name is Ken Ndubisi; I see you are looking for someone to write articles for you.

If you give me the opportunity to write for you, your article will be well researched and written, fresh and original and proofread to remove errors. This will drive more eyes to your post and drive sales into your pocket quicker than you know it

I am a professional writer, and I have been writing for a 7 years , and I could help you write your articles real fast because I have a perfect understanding about articles , and not only that, but I have written hundreds of articles on different topics.

Kindly reply me as I will be sharing more details on how I will write your article fast.



Go through the script several times so you can fully understand what’s going on behind the scenes.

In the first part of the email, I briefly say hello and then introduce myself. This helps to ease up the tension between you and the buyer who you’re meeting for the first time.

It gives you this personal touch as someone who cares about them and not some two-timing robot whose sole purpose is to earn money. At this point, you’re not a stranger to them anymore…technically.

Moving on, this is where you have to majestically step into the psyche of your buyer. First I acknowledged his request of needing someone to write articles for him.

Then I made myself look irresistible in his eyes by appealing to his vain conscience. I spelled out all the juicy benefits he was going to get if and only if he gave me the opportunity to write for him.

This is important…

Always find space to squeeze in and emphasize the benefits of your service to a buyer. They don’t care if you have a Ph.D. degree from Harvard (that’d be sick though! But then again, I’m not sure you’d be on Fiverr if you had a Ph.D. from Harvard). All they care about is results, and that’s what you’re here to deliver.

Next, I established my credibility as a writer by stating how long I’ve been a writer, plus the fact that I’m versatile in many subjects. This isn’t always a good thing as you’d find out later, but I just needed to add some filler. Don’t do this if you’re not comfortable with it.

I then finished off with my call to action, asking him to message me so we can find out what works best for him,

I hit the Send button…

…..and here’s what happened:

The buyer replied me under 15 minutes with an initial order for one article. I delivered that well written article promised in my template.

Did he like it?


Of course he loved it!

I had succeeded in gaining his trust, so it was time to go in for the kill…

The Magic Sauce

The awesome power of Fiverr is in the custom order feature. Having gained my buyers trust, it was pretty easy for me to upsell to him. He wanted a set of 5 articles to be written for him. Once more I got into action, creating a fantastic and salivating offer that he couldn’t resist. My quote was $200.

Within minutes of sending the quote, I got the order. I was so happy I literally started dancing round the room. We had a couple of drinks that evening to celebrate – and by we, I mean me, myself and I.

And there you have it.

It didn’t take me up to 30 minutes and I got my biggest single order on Fiverr. Of course Fiverr took their cut (20%), but still it was a big win for 30 minutes of work.

So yeah, you’ve got the knowledge you need; now go out and make some money with it, or better still (if you’re feeling too lazy) share this article with your friends who will definitely need it. I’m sure they won’t mind getting some extra cash in their account today.