Are You Stuck?

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 The #1 obstacle I faced when starting my business and facebook ads was …knowing what to do next.

That helpless feeling of being stuck.

 Do I need to run facebook ads?

Should I get someone to do it for me?

What about the Facebook Pixel?

Should i use pictures or Video?

Audience network or Instagram ads?

Do i need a website?

How do I use audience insights?

What is a custom audience?

What the crap is CPC, CPM, ROI etc?

Is my audience targeted enough?

I can’t decide what payment method to use?

I can’t find my target audience!

If I advertise it, will they come?


Long hours at your desk combined with reading WAY too many blog posts leave you completely paralyzed.

and MAD.

Everything leads you to that same frustrating question:

"How does this apply to me?"'

Last year I was stuck. I’d tried multiple online businesses and was about to give up until I finally asked someone else for help.

The only thing that has consistently helped is personalized advice on my exact situation from someone that has been there before.

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what to do.

Since then I’ve been able to get my clients and business massive results.

One of my clients, a dentist just reported closing over #90,000 with an ad spend of #5,504 in 3 days.

i have students that have gone on to do over N100,000 in sales in less than a month.

Today I'm opening up a personalized strategy session to help you do just that.

The cost is #7,000* naira. *This fee is non-negotiable.

Here is how it works:

  • Click the button above or below. It will take you to a form page.
  • Fill in your details and wait for a response.
  • If you are selected, you'll be given a payment link to make payment.
  • Once payment is made,you and I will schedule and have an hour long Whatsapp session.

In that session, I will help you determine EXACTLY what to do next eg.

What campaign objective should you choose?
How do you get more traffic?
How do you sell more products if you're into network marketing?
Your business is very strange. How can Facebook work for you?
How do you monetize your blog?
What technology should you use?
How do you create a steady flow of new leads?

I'll also answer any questions you have.

You will be given 3 specific tasks to takeaway at the end of the session.

I'll be available by phone when something comes up. Don't worry, nothing will come up.

First come. First serve.

The cost is #7000.

If you want to get un-stuck and jump start your business, this is exactly what you need.

PS: This program is NOT for everyone. If your first response is “#7,000!! I could never afford that!”, then you are not ready.

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