How To Make #50k In A Day

By simply buying and selling on Facebook...


So on January 20th, Emeka Nobis wrote a post on how to make #100,000 in one day. In the comments section of that post, I told him I'd love to be a guinea pig for his thesis and report my results.

I'm glad to say it turned out successful. I made N80,000 in one week with no money down. So thanks Emeka, and here's my version of the story.

So, you want to make #50,000 in one day?

Not exactly. I made 80,000 in sales.

You're going to need three things:

A smartphone

A Facebook account

A phenomenal brain that takes action.

Got those? Then continue reading.

The strategy is very simple.

Find products that are already selling like hotcakes, source for it at lower prices here in Nigeria, markup the prices, get orders and then deliver the products.

Let me break it down.

If you've stayed on Facebook long enough, you'll notice certain pages promoting products for #5,000, #10,000 etc. Most of these pages have videos with tons of shares, likes and comments saying "I need this, how much is it" etc

With the help of Google, I found the same product being sold in my very own neighbourhood for #750.

So what you do is this, get the contact details of the person selling at a low price, create and run ads for your own version of the product at a markup price, then get the product and deliver to your buyers.

This is exactly like mini importation, but in this case your products are already here in Nigeria. All you need is to run ads that convert, get orders and then deliver. Kapishe.

So let's do the math.

If you get a product at #750, let's say you pay 2000 for delivery fees and you sell the product for 6,000, how much profit is that? That's #3,250 in pure profit. Multiply that by 20 orders and that's 65,000. And I don't need to tell you that you can easily get 20 orders for less than $20 on Facebook ads.

So that's it.

Imagine doing this twice a month.

Don't complain about recession. You can make money using the phone that you use to read this.

Special thanks to Waju Salescraft Abraham I learnt the art of making money with no money down from him. Shout out to Padebi Ojomo, John Obidi, Jimi Banjo and Ronald Ikenna Nzimora, I'll have never been able to put any of this into action if not for you guys.  

Now here's my offer for you

The strategy I have outlined above is very simple and straightforward to follow.

Buy low, sell high.

You can go ahead and start searching for products right this moment!

However, for those of you that may need help with one or two apects of the post that you don't understand clearly, i've put together a special Whatsapp training class where I will reveal my step by step strategy, i will show you where you can get these products cheap in Nigeria, i will even show you the #750 naira product PLUS how to run Facebook ads for them and get orders like crazy.

As you can see I spent only about $12 dollars on ads and got over 70 orders for one of my products I discovered.

Check out that relevance score of 10! That's the highest relevance score given by Facebook.

Also take a look at my CPE. $0.0004. What??

Also one of my first students just hit 100k in sales last week!!

Take a look at some testimonies from my last Whatsapp  training...

How much is this Whatsapp training going to cost me?

The entrance fee for the training is N3,000

It's crazy right?

The first time I opened up the training it was N1,500 flat.

I promised myself that once me and my students hit 500k in sales and the training opened again, the price will be double. That's why it's N3,000 right now.

Now if the training closes, it won't be open again till we hit N1million in sales. And the price will surely go up double again to N7,000. No time to sugarcoat things.

When is the training holding?

Venue: How To Make 50k Whatsapp Group

Date: Wednesday, 17th May, 2017

Time: 9pm

To Enter The Training

Make a Transfer of N3,000 to-



GTB Bank

Then text your Name and Phone Number to 08060944967 or send me a message on Whatsapp and you will be added to the group.


If you have any questions,

feel free to contact me on Whatsapp on 08060944967 

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